What I’m Reading

One thought that sometime threatens to overwhelm me is how much I will never know. Perhaps you’ve felt the same? You discover yet another subject or focus area that you just have to read more, learn more, know more about. Most often, though, this leads me to an amazing sparking of ideas on how to use this new information, and the fresh links and ideas that emerge, in the programmes I offer.

This page is my attempt to record my progress through this ever growing list. It’s also an attempt to showcase the books and works that I love and would recommend to all those who ask me to suggest what to read on Mumbai, history, art, museums etc. Enjoy:)



Bombay Stories, Saadat Hasan Manto

As we approach #Indiaat70 I felt like reading more Manto, who is of course best remembered for his stomach twisting portrayal of Partition. This series of stories focuses on the realities, the people and lived stories of Bombay pre-Independence, a city that was, according to the translators and interpreters of Manto in Urdu, more home to the author than any other he inhabited in his lifetime.

More on this selection of Manto stories when I’m done:)