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Alisha’s Bombay Meets the World/Ballard Estate walk is awesome. She brings home the city’s truly global history – how it was shaped so much more by world events than national/local ones and how so much of this is reflected in the hidden histories of the buildings in Ballard estate. Alisha makes this history come alive through her stories about the buildings, her lively demeanor and passion for these histories. I am looking forward to joining her other walks! Historian Aparna Kapadia, Bombay Meets the World, August 3, 2017

The Inheritage Project’s heritage walks are truly one-of-a-kind. I’ve been on three walks (Byculla, Ballard Estate and Bandra) and each walk has exceeded my expectations. Rain or shine, Alisha will be there to make Bombay’s rich and diverse history come alive. In the process of doing so, she will get you excited about uncovering the city’s hidden gems. It’s evident how passionate she is about the city’s architectural treasures, small and big. What’s even better is that she doesn’t limit herself to simply passing this enthusiasm to the participants of the walk but also touches upon key issues of architectural conservation, creative re-use of public spaces and how as citizens of this country we ought to preserve our rich cultural heritage notwithstanding modern infrastructural developments. These walks have been immensely enjoyable, insightful and inspiring! – Rishad Gambhir, July 16, 2017

An amazing ‘Heritage Walk’ with the best educator ever – Alisha Sadikot. Learned so much about this amazing city and all the wonderful things we had overlooked for years and years. Folks, when next in Mumbai, definitely check one of these out. – Sanjay Noronha, Fort Stories, July 9, 2017

Alisha – you were so awesome! For someone who was not a fan of history in school, I have to say – I loved your ‘talking the walk’ of Fort and it’s surroundings! Janice, Fort Stories, July 9, 2017

It was lovely meeting you and the walk was great! Looking forward to more of these with you through Bandra/Byculla especially. Radhika Adhlaka, Fort Stories, July 9, 2017

Alisha really knows how to keep her audience engaged. With plenty of info that you won’t get out of Wikipedia entries, there’s always something to look forward to. I would recommend even the most vociferous history-haters to go for one of her tours and be amazed! – Rohan Sharma, May 20, 2017

I have been on three of the walks – Bandra, the original heritage walk and most recently Ballard Estate. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to learn more about the city. Alisha is fantastic and has clearly spent years (not hours) researching the subject matter. She is passionate about heritage, history and the city of Bombay. This comes across abundantly, providing for an engaging few hours and a thoroughly enjoyable history lesson. A DEFINITE RECOMMEND. – Neil D’souza, May 18, 2017

The workshop was successful in each of its stated aims. Biggest takeaways include a deep respect and enthusiasm for museums. With the new skills I have developed I feel a desire to work with museums and help them become more responsive public spaces. I would definitely recommend this workshop. It is essential for our academic growth and the University system lacks it. – (transcribed) Harlynn Homan, final year History student, University of Mumbai and participant in the workshop ‘Museums of the Future: Putting Mumbai’s museums on the map’, conducted May 8 – 15th, 2017

Thank you so much for such an informative and insightful walk through Ballard Estate today. Looks like our knowledge of the city is just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much to learn and at times….unlearn too! Thanks very much again. – Khorshed, Bombay meets the World at Ballard Estate, May 7, 2017

Alisha is the history ‘teacher’ I really really wish I had when I was in school (she is not like any teacher I have ever known, by the way!). Then I would have realised how much I love history. Or maybe it’s just her who makes me love it. Her passion for all things historical is palpable and is truly contagious. The way she tells stories immerses you in that time period and you actually start imagining how things would have been 100s of years back. She also makes you notice the smallest of details in those places you have crossed everyday, and have never paid attention to. Moreover, she opens up your eyes to what is happening to our heritage currently, things that we probably wouldn’t know about otherwise – in a way her heritage walks are about both the past and the future. These walks should be compulsory for everyone, not only because of what you learn, but also because they are so so much fun! You do amazing work Alisha! – Sonia Mangwana, March 27, 2017

Alisha’s heritage walks take you on a journey through continents, countries, voyages, famines and wars. Her storytelling brings places and buildings, which we see everyday and miss, alive with eccentric characters, historical heroes and villains and chance encounters. I have been on three heritage walks so far: Bandra, Fort and Ballard Estate. I loved each one of them. – Megha Mandavia, April 10, 2017

Alisha brings serious research and knowledge, synergized across various aspects of social, political, economic and art history … for both the serious and not-so-serious history enthusiast, in an extremely lucid and engaging manner, delivered live onsite. No politics and no biases, thats why I like listening to her. Follows academic methodology to the tee ! As a person who understands research methodology, I appreciate her objectivity and command on source information. – Ramachandran Venkatesh, March 2017

I loved it. – Meenu Agarwal, Bandra: Past, Present & Future, March 25, 2017

Alisha, I’m amazed at how much I’ve retained from your talks during the walk. You spoke with such passion and coherence that it’s made deep imprints in my memory 🙂  Thanks so much for the delightful walk! I’ll be out of the city till the end of May, but look forward to joining a walk once I’m back. – Janet Quadras, Bandra: Past, Present & Future, March 25, 2017

I’ve been attending walks with Alisha for the last two years. The walks don’t just bring alive the city’s rich colonial history, which is Alisha’s passion, but they bring alive the time, space, culture, identity and societal norms and mores that accompanied it. I would say Bombay has found one of its best chroniclers in Inheritage and it’s an experience to understand and love your city while exploring with Alisha. – Shinibali Mitra Saigal, March 2017

Byculla & Fort Walk with Alisha are one of the best city walks that I have been on. She is very knowledgeable and is a storehouse of many little known facts. Her passion and love for doing what she does comes through clearly. She shares her own unique point of view and is extremely adept in connecting the dots between the present with the historical past. This always makes her walk a truly enriching experience for me. Never realised the rich historical heritage of Ballard estate until I took the Ballard Estate walk with Alisha. It was well conducted and extremely informative. Alisha provided great context while explaining the impact and influence of the historical events that shaped this part of the city. Also with her you don’t just stand and listen, you always get to join in the conversation. This interactive nature of all her walks makes it both fun and also a great learning experience. Parag Parekh, March 2017

We opted for the Byculla walk on the Sunday past with Alisha. It was a rewarding experience. Didn’t know how nearly three hours flew past. She was very engaging, funny and an absolute expert on the subject. Even my 8 year old loved. We got to hear such moving stories about Dr. Ambedkar and David Sassoon and their critical contributions that has shaped the history of Mumbai and India. The most unique thing about this walk was that, this was a history walk but made completely relevant by Alisha connecting the dots to here and now. Look forward to more walks 🙂 – Anita Nandini, Byculla’s Hidden Histories, March 19, 2017

I have had the pleasure of being part of a few walks conducted by Alisha through various parts of Bombay. My first experience of walking with her was through Bandra, a part of Bombay that I have almost grown up in and have traveled to for at least half of my life. But none of that prepared me for the stories and the history of Bandra that Alisha was able to bring alive through her walk. Another experience I remember clearly is walking with her through the Fort area in South Bombay with a bunch of mostly distracted students from a Design school that I teach at in Bombay. Alisha, not losing her spirit and her smile was able to keep the students interested and engaged through her narrative and her grasp of the history of the city which are always a delight to hear. Alisha loves the city of Bombay which makes her an ideal walking companion and guide to this great city. I would recommend Alisha to anyone who wants to see Bombay as it’s meant to be seen, a maximum city with a beautiful heritage. – Prashant Prabhu, March 2017

It was an incredible experience. Alisha was delightful. What a lovely person she is ! And it was so informative. There are so many things that I had no clue about inspite of having lived here my entire life. A big thank you to Alisha for helping me see the city in a different light! – Khyati Velkar, Bandra: Past, Present & Future, 13 Aug 2016

Fantastic!! Highly recommended. It was great to hear the history about an area that I visit regularly. – Sumiit Lakhutia, Bandra: Past, Present & Future, 13 Aug 2016

Splendid, as always. It’s Alisha, duh. :P. – Raylene Monteiro, BDL Museum Tour, 15 January, 2017

Literally Awesome – Krunal Gada, BDL Museum Tour, 15 January, 2017

Had the best day ever with my happy walkers !!!! Learnt so much about places I’ve walked past a hundred times. Thank to the most amazing guide Alisha Sadikot – Nicole D’souza, Fort Stories, September 2017

It was a very informative experience and the person who lead the tour was not only informative but engage well with the group and provided a lovely experience. – Shruti – 3rd July 2016

Really interesting and informative. Alisha is really passionate about museums and all in all it was a great way to spend Sunday morning. – Parmita – 3rd July 2016

I am new to Mumbai. So this was my way to get to know the city. It was absolutely brilliant. Alisha was amazing. I loved the history of the place, the talk, the entire experience. A big thank you!! – Supriya Kelkar, BDL Museum Tour,  February 2016

Excellent. Alisha was amazing. Knowledgeable and created an interesting cohesive story explaining the history of the museum and tying it in with history of Bombay. – Reeti Choudhary, BDL Museum Tour,  February 2016

Was great, a lot learned, also (re) ignited a genuine interest in the History of the city and trying out new things. Made waking up early on a Saturday morning totally worth it. Thank you hats off to Alisha. – Varun Mittal, BDL Museum Tour,  February 2016

Awesome! I have gone on several Heritage Walks before but what I found different and refreshing was the political and social dimension Alisha brought into the discussion. Well conducted! – Archana Gopinath, BDL Museum Tour,  February 2016

Super awesome – Vinayak Talwar, BDL Museum Tour,  February 2016

It was great! So much learning, and so much fun! – Pooja SelvarajBDL Museum Tour,  February 2016

Superb – Priya Shah, BDL Museum Tour,  February 2016

Love love loved the tour guide, Alisha. What a cool way to be introduced to the museum and its significance! Sneha Nair, BDL Museum Tour,  February 2016

What I liked best was Alisha’s passion that shines through in all she says. It inspires the listener to dream of a time that was and hope to join her in saving the city’s heritage. I also liked that this was not just a history tour but still brilliant enough to infuse nostalgia and a sense of belonging to the city. – Priya Fonseca, Fort Stories, January 2013

Alisha, you were like a breath of fresh air on a sultry summer afternoon! I was impressed with your breadth and depth of knowledge and the unassuming manner in which you shared it with all. – Roy Fonseca, Fort Stories, January 2013

The history, the passion, the storytelling and the myth-busting; you’ve given me an understanding of and appreciation for architectural styles. – Vineet I., Fort Stories

Alisha’s enthusiasm and her interactive approach to make the trip enjoyable rather than run off a script. – Anshuman G., Fort Stories

Alisha was really great and I would love to do another walk with her. I would consider this as a great activity for my colleagues visiting Mumbai and I am sure they would love it. – Amruta, Fort Stories

I would definitely recommend the Inheritage Walks. I want to see if I can get my daughter’s school to sign you on to do some heritage tours for them. You are doing a great job and its great to see someone take the initiative to remind us that we have a heritage that needs to be preserved!  – Ritu V., Fort Stories

Absolutely recommend, you have no idea how many people I have already spoken to! – Deepali G., Fort Stories and Bandra: Past, Present & Future


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