(Back to) School Special: Learning history in museums & heritage spaces

It’s the start of a new academic year, and we’ve been busy planning an exciting range of curriculum-focused sessions especially for school groups in the city, aimed at deepening engagement with history and all things heritage!

For young learners, visiting museums, art and heritage resources can provoke critical and creative thinking, inspire new questions and ideas, highlight fresh connections with the world and links across time and space. Not least, informal learning through engagement with museum, art and heritage collections can trigger joy, inspiration and imagination.

With this in mind, our museum visits and heritage walk routes are conceptualised and curated to meet the curriculum and learning needs of school students in Mumbai. Each visit is facilitated in an interactive and engaging manner, in keeping with the age, interest and knowledge levels of the participating class. In session, students are encouraged to look closely, notice the details and features through which objects, artworks and buildings speak to us, explore wider stories and contexts, and, using their critical thinking and reasoning skills, build on prior knowledge gained through classroom study. The aim, ultimately, is to create a memorable, joyful and first-hand experience of the past.

For a detailed brochure and with any queries please contact: Alisha Sadikot at theinheritageproject@gmail.com.



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