Bandra: Past & Present

Having lived in Bandra my entire life, I have to admit a definite bias towards the heritage walk route I offer through this neighbourhood. The images that follow are a brief glimpse into the unique spaces and stories of Bandra, looking their very best on an overcast monsoon morning walk, organised in collaboration with Kokopelli’s Song.

photo (12)
Meeting the group and introducing Bandra at the entrance to the Land’s End, the neighbourhood’s south-western tip.
photo 4
Exploring the history of the Bandra Fort, a place most had seen only in Bollywood movies!
photo (6)
Ruins and a citizen-led fight to preserve their stories and environment.
photo (1)
A place of pilgrimage for all communities for much of its past, the Mount Mary Church also speaks of Christianity coming to Bandra.




photo (3)
Green, peaceful and hidden.
photo (13)
Discussing the contemporary troubles facing Bandra’s few surviving village communities. Note the disparity between the built structures you see.
photo (14)
Bandra is a magnet for creativity. Group shot in front of some of the public murals that colour the village streets today. 









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